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Welcome to YKAMA GOLD ! We put privacy of our users in high regard still we request you to carefully read and understand the detailed Privacy Policy mentioned herein before you proceed further on our website. We enforce this Privacy Policy on our YKAMA GOLD website as we always endeavour to provide best in class products and services to our patrons. -We put this Privacy Policy into effect to protect all rights of Arabic Time Gold website visitors, customers and our stake holders as well. Therefore, it is required to read these policies carefully and continue using the website only if you do not have any concern with these policies and products and services offered by us.

-You can visit our website to know about our sexual enhancement solutions or to order them online. In this process, we may collect some data including your personal information or identifiable data as well as some non-personal data. -We may collect personal information when you register on our site, place an order, post review, send query, and participate in a survey or any other form you fill. This private data can include your name, username, email address, phone number, mailing address, other contact details or any information that you would give to us on our website. On the other hand, non-personal information we may collect include your ISP name, IP address, computer screen resolution, operating system name, browser name, time of use, etc.

-Subject of Sexual Enhancement or Penis Enlargement is something that needs discretion. We understand the sensitivity of the subject and we respect your privacy as well. Therefore all the information provided by you and collected by us is protected by us and we never share the same with any unknown person or group. We keep all the collected data in our secured servers and we pay minute attention on the security of the data as well. So, we can assure you that we make best efforts to not let your data go in wrong hands in any condition.

-We may keep the data in our secured servers but we never share it to non-trustworthy people. However, in cases like when we get a request for information sharing from any law enforcement agency then we will have no option other than sharing the data to them to support the law and judiciary system. We only provide them the required details whether they require partial or complete information. In addition, we always verify that request is coming from the authentic source before sharing the data. -Another case when we might need to share the information is a case of any fraud or theft. In these cases, we may require to share the information with those private agencies that are helping us in the investigation part. While sharing any details with them we ensure that they do not sell, use or share the data further which benefits them or causes harm to you. -To serve our customers in a better way, we may also need to share the data with our sister concerns and other organizations that can help us in this regard. That means if we or our sister concerns find any new breakthrough in Penis Enlargement or Sexual Enhancement Solutions, then we might share the collected data with them.

-How we use data depends on situation and the type of collected information. We may use this information to enhance our products and services, improve our website and for some marketing and promotional purpose. At the time using the information for promotion or marketing purpose, we remember and confirm that the process does not offend our users by any means. Moreover, we never tell anyone that you accessed our website or used Penis Enlargement solutions from us without your consent. At times, we may use the data to contact you and notify you about our latest discount offers, new products or any other changes.

Similar to many other websites, we also use cookies on our website to gather additional website usage and for the smooth functioning and to enhance our services. -A cookie is a small data file that gets copied or transferred to your computer or mobile from our website server. We use this text file to help us understand the individual interaction with our services as well as to personalize and improve our services so that we can serve you in the best possible manner. This small cookie file remembers information or preferences given by you and it helps in the website navigation as well. Usually most of the browsers accept cookies but settings can be changed to decline cookies. -However, you may not be able to see our website or use some of the services properly if you disable cookies. Therefore, we would recommend you to enable or accept cookies while visiting our YKAMA GOLD website to get the best experience.

- We always support the law and judiciary system and if we get a request for information sharing from any law enforcement agency, then we will have no option other than sharing of the data to them. In this situation, we may need to share partial or complete data to them. But before sharing the data, we do verify that request is coming from the right source and we give only those details that are needed.

- In case of any theft or fraud activity, we may need to share the information or collected data to those private agencies that are helping us in the investigation part. However, we will make sure they do not sell the data to anyone, and they would never use it again for their benefit or for your loss.

- We may also need to share the data with our sister concerns and to other organizations that can help us grow our business or to help our customers in better way. That means if we or our sister concern find any new breakthrough in penis enlargement solutions, then we might share data to them.

You may find some links or URL on our website which may or may not be affiliated to YKAMA GOLD. If you see and click on a third-party link which is not affiliated to YKAMA GOLD then we would suggest you to use that on your own risk. We are responsible for YKAMA GOLD only and if you access other links, then you shall read all the privacy policy and terms of use of that website before using that website.

-You can see and read some comments and reviews posted by our users on our website. They provide their feedback based on the usage and results of the products or according to their opinions. Whether you trust or do not trust their opinions and reviews entirely depends on you. Also, before making any final decision, it is advised that you take second opinion as well because we will not hold any responsibility for the words given by users.